Every Gift Makes a Difference

Gifts to the College of Nursing at Michigan State University, are important to sustaining our vision of excellence in research, teaching and practice. Private support helps the College achieve levels of excellence unattainable through state funding alone and, gifts from alumni and friends transform our possibilities and make a huge difference.

Here is what your dollars can support:

Enrichment Funds

Achieving excellence and distinction requires the capacity to quickly seize opportunities when they occur. Unrestricted support provides the greatest flexibility for the College because they can be applied to our most pressing needs without limits. They allow for investment in emerging, promising initiatives associated with our core strategic imperatives – education, research, practice and diversity.


Financial aid is a critical component in recruiting a diverse and talented student body. It is also essential to creating a community where every student is prepared to achieve success and find meaning in an increasingly complex global world.

Our commitment to meet the demonstrated financial needs of all qualified students admitted to the College has required greater resources in recent years. Increased income from endowed and expendable scholarships enables the College to offer our students every opportunity they need to succeed – including financial aid to help cover the costs of their education.


In 2013, the College of Nursing was nationally ranked 12th among nursing schools that received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), up from a ranking of 20th in 2012 . We have received distinct recognition for our research in the management of chronic disease, from prevention to palliative care.

Our Nursing Research Center strives to ensure that the excellence in nursing research is translated into practice and education. To further the advancement of nursing research and the exploration of new scientific frontiers, continued investment in the scientific work of our research faculty is essential.

Faculty Development and Enrichment

The College is committed to being nationally recognized for our excellence in interdisciplinary fundamental nursing education, and translational research and scholarship by supporting the on-going professional experiences of our faculty.

Funds for faculty development and recruitment strengthen and broaden faculty capacity for teaching, scholarship, and service. They provide seed money to encourage new and innovative ideas designed to improve the quality of nursing education and research; support faculty and curriculum development; and, integrate experiential learning with diversity and global perspectives.

Nursing Leadership Initiatives

The challenges facing health care require innovative solutions and leaders who are pioneering to create change. The College strives to promote the acquisition of leadership knowledge and skills through education of highly qualified nurses, scholars, and educators.

Funds for nursing leadership initiatives would enable the College to increase knowledge, skills and research expertise of our students and faculty through collaboration with a variety of resource offerings – lectures, institutes, conferences, workshops and seminars.


The College is committed to improving the health of the nation, which requires translation of knowledge to patient care. To that end, nursing faculty have the opportunity to maintain a clinical practice as part of their role in the College. A distinguishing characteristic of our Faculty Practice is the belief that teaching, research, practice, and service must be closely integrated to achieve excellence.

Our Faculty Practice is backed by the research of Michigan State University, the highly regarded education programs of the College of Nursing and the expertise of the Michigan State University HealthTeam. Faculty are actively exploring additional opportunities for practice to meet the healthcare needs of the community while enhancing the education of our students.

To inquire about making a financial investment in Michigan State University College of Nursing, contact Eric L. Sturdy, Jr., Director of Development and Alumni Relations at 517-423-5033 (or toll-free at 888-771-3637) or send an e-mail to Eric.Sturdy@hc.msu.edu.  You may also make a gift by visiting givingto.msu.edu/gift/ and selecting Nursing.