Turnover rates are high for new nurse graduates as a result of stressful work environments, coupled with inadequate support during the transition. It makes the first year as a in the workforce extremely critical. The Mentoring Program will run from May to May with the overarching goal of establishing an ongoing relationship at the discretion of the volunteer Spartan Nursing Alumni mentors and the new graduate nurses.

Now thru May, ’17 - Recruitment of Mentors
May/June - Matching
June thru May – May - Individual participation, visits, etc.

Although the above schedule is an ideal timeline, the program has some fluidity as far as start time and duration. Please feel free to sign-up to participate as a mentor at any time throughout the year.


  • Participate for one year (May to May)
  • Attend at least one sit down, face-to-face visit with mentee (not required but strongly suggested)
  • Commit to set goals and provide follow-up with mentee related to career path

Mentee (new graduate nurses from the MSU College of Nursing seeking greater networking opportunities and career assistance)

  • Commit to a professional relationship
  • Establish initial contact with mentor and begin communication
  • Communicate career and professional goals with mentor
  • Commit to set goals with mentor
  • Consider being a mentor in the future
  • Engage in ongoing conversations and opportunities to engage with one another will be at the discretion of the mentor/mentee relationship

How Much Time Do You Need to Commit?

That’s really up to the mentor and mentee. A beneficial mentoring relationship is based on both the needs and availability of the mentor and student/alum mentee. The College of Nursing will support the mentoring relationship but ongoing conversations and interactions will be at the discretion of the participants.

It is suggested that the mentor and mentee schedule something each month (such as meet at the mentor's place of work, schedule a lunch meeting with other mentors and new graduate nurses).

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